We operate at the intersection of proven business models and ones that haven't yet been discovered yet. We provide exceptional consulting services to our clients and we also work on our own projects. We are real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, technologists, designers, financiers, and social media lovers.



Through our Properties and Development groups, we own, manage, and develop design-oriented properties in core urban markets.


We fundamentally believe in the power of technology to improve business and life. We work with forward thinking clients and on our own products to advance this goal.



Design and design thinking permeates everything that the group does. The Design group focuses on brands, environments, and social media.

More than a company, The Globizen Group is a collection of ideas, initiatives, and projects united by a shared philosophy.


We believe in cities. We believe in the value of design. We believe that our environment matters. We believe that being multidisciplinary is better than operating in silos. We believe in the power of technology to transform important markets. We believe in open data. We believe in transparency. And we believe that the future will be better than yesterday and today.


Our Companies


Globizen Properties

Globizen Development

Globizen Design