Globizen = Global + Citizen


More than just a collection of companies, the Globizen Group is a shared philosophy. 

A Globizen is someone who believes in a world community; the power of cities; the value of design; the value of transparency and open data; our environment; the power of technology to improve lives and transform markets; and the future.



We are a cross-disciplinary and vertically-integrated studio.


We are city builders. And to achieve this we operate a collection of Globizen branded companies. But we also own, operate, and invest in independently branded companies. We are constantly experimenting with new ideas that could enhance our existing businesses.



Globizen Properties owns, manages, and invests in income producing real estate assets in transit-served urban locations.


Globizen Development creates design-oriented urban properties and provides development management services.


Design studio focused on environments, brands and research for both the group and outside clients.