Globizen = Global + Citizen


More than just a collection of companies, the Globizen Group is a shared philosophy. We are urbanists, builders, designers, entrepreneurs, financiers, and other like-minded people on a mission to make cities more beautiful, sustainable, and economically prosperous. To achieve this, we operate as an interdisciplinary and vertically integrated real estate + design firm.


Headquartered in downtown Toronto, the Globizen Group is the parent company of a growing collection of Globizen branded and independently branded companies, projects, and investments.



Globizen Properties owns, manages, and invests in income producing residential assets in transit-served urban locations.


Globizen Developments builds design-oriented urban properties and provides development management services.


Globizen Studio is a design firm focused on environments, brands, and research for both the Globizen Group and outside clients.


To learn about our client services visit the company pages.