Globizen = Global + Citizen


More than just a company, the Globizen Group is a shared philosophy. A Globizen is someone who believes in: a world community; the power of cities; the value of design; the value of transparency and open data; our environment; being multidisciplinary; the power of technology to improve lives and transform markets; and the future.



A culture of innovation


The Globizen Group is a design and technology-integrated real estate organization that owns, manages, designs, and develops properties in transit-served urban locations. We also provide city building consulting services to progressive clients. We pride ourselves on operating at the intersection of real estate, design, and technology and at the intersection of proven business models and ones that haven't yet been discovered.



Globizen Properties owns, manages, and invests in income producing real estate assets in transit-served urban locations in Toronto.


Globizen Development is the real estate development arm of the Globizen Group. It develops design-oriented urban infill properties and provides exceptional development services to outside clients.


Globizen Design focuses on environments and brands for both the group and outside clients. Core offerings include concept architecture and interiors, brand strategy and identity, and social media marketing.


The Globizen Group offers exceptional city building services to progressive clients involved in the shaping of the built environment. Our approach is based on research and data. We pride ourselves on never jumping to conclusions.


Architecture, Interiors & Environments

Globizen Design offers concept designs and creative direction for architectural and interior commissions. We leverage our in-house design team, as well as work with some of the best designers from around the world. Design and design thinking is core to everything that the Globizen Group does and we bring that same philosophy and rigour to our client work.

Brand & Content Strategy

We help you craft and tell your story. Using research and data, we will help you articulate a vision and figure out the best mediums to communicate it to your target audience. Through our in-house content strategists, we are also experts at creating valuable content that will help your company and projects stand out in a noisy digital world. This includes everything from blog posts and social media to videos and custom publications.

Community Creation

We use demand-based research and analysis to develop and execute on strategies that create livable, sustainable, and prosperous communities. We work with everyone from private developers to government on community seeding, programming, and leasing. We believe that peacemaking is an integral parts of city building and real estate development.

Development Management

Real estate development is at the core of what we do. Globizen Development provides complete real estate management services to landowners, developers, and institutions who want to maximize value creation through development, redevelopment, or repositioning. Our services cover the entire project lifecycle from acquisition to handover.

Events & Activations

Globizen manages one-off and site specific events and activations. Whether it’s a corporate event, a local community event in an area you are developing in, or a lean urbanist activation designed to catalyze change, we bring creative solutions that leverage our multidisciplinary backgrounds in real estate, design, and technology.

Financial Modeling

Globizen brings financial rigour to development, asset management, and other city building initiatives. We build and manage development pro formas, as well as custom financial models. We take our assumptions very seriously and we use research and data to ensure that our projections are grounded in market realities. 

Market, Trend & Intelligence Reports

Supported by our multidisciplinary team of real estate professionals, designers, and technologists, Globizen researches, analyzes, and writes custom reports for a wide variety of client requirements. Our reports include market research, trend analyses to help you stay ahead of the curve, and intelligence reports to help you explore new business opportunities.

Project Management

Globizen project manages a wide variety of development, construction, and city building initiatives. We are experts at managing scopes, timelines, and budgets, and we provide regular and thorough reporting for everything that we do.

Social Media Marketing & Management

We love social media. We believe it has fundamentally changed the marketing landscape and, more specifically, the way that developers and other city brands communicate with their customers and stakeholders. Globizen offers complete social media packages that reinforce and tie seamlessly into your larger brand and content strategy.


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