Two crazy public policy ideas that could advance technological innovation

We are very open minded when it comes to new technologies and things that may seem far out there, today. Because what might seem crazy today, could very well become tomorrow's normal.

The above TEDx talk is by Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures (a venture capital firm). We've been following his thinking for awhile now. One of his consistent messages is that we've shifted from a world of scarcity to a world of digital abundance. There has been an inversion.

To go along with this inversion, Albert believes that we should be considering some pretty radical public policy changes. In this talk he explains two of them: (1) a "basic income guarantee" and (2) the right to be represented by a software bot.

These undoubtedly sound crazy to most of you. But it's definitely worth hearing him out and keeping an open mind. Click here if you can't see the video at the top of this post.